Monday, December 10, 2007

Japanese Motor Car Import Insurance

If you own or are thinking of owning an imported Japanese car, then one of your considerations must be the cost of Japanese Motor Car Import Insurance. We all know that if you decide to buy a car that has not been manufactured in the UK, then you may find it difficult to get insurance And even then, after you have found it, the car insurance premiums could go sky high!.

For example, if you own an imported Japanese sports car, then you will need to investigate the different schemes and cover offered by motor insurers. Dont just take the first quote that comes along or accept an insurers dismissal of you. You will find that some insurers will refuse to insure you simply because they stick to insuring mainstream cars. However, dont let this put you off, there are specialist insurers out there who can and will insure you, and at competitive price too.

You will find that the longer you have been driving and without making a claim, the better deal you should be offered by a specialist import insurer. All the normal considerations that apply when you are looking for motor insurance such as keeping it garaged overnight, having a reduced mileage, limiting the number of drivers etc are even more important when you are looking for Japanese Motor Car Import Insurance.

By doing as much as you can to get yourself brownie points from your proposed insurer will definitely help drive the insurance premium down.

And just because motor car import insurance is deemed as such a specialist area, it really doesnt mean yon have to accept the first quote that comes your way. There are a number of reputable insurers in the marketplace who can and will provide insurance for your imported vehicle, so do shop around for the right deal for you and accept the quote that gives you the level of cover you need and at a realistic price.

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director of Protection Insurance. Protection Insurance is an internet based insurance business dedicated to getting consumers the very best insurance rates and the best products. We have a range of free insurance guides Download them here

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